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Institute technology platform - Applied Microbiology platform to be built

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    The contents
    Bio-pesticide and Bio-fertilizer
    Halophyte and Bio-remediation of saline soil
    Bio-remediation of pesticide-contaminated soil
    Breeding of industrial microbial strains and Fermentation Technology
    Instruments and equipments
    1.Four automatic fermentation system (the content of 10 litres)
    2.Fully automatic fermentation system (the content of 500 litres)
    3.Centrifugal spray drying experiment system
    4.Air flow drier
    5.Liquid solid combined fermentation system (cover an area of 30 square meters)
    7.Inverted fluorescence Microscope
    8.Chemiluminescence fluorescence imaging system
    9.Root system imaging system
    10.Photosynthesis measuring instrument
    Staff compositions
    The research team has been comprised of twenty researchers, whose coverage of:
    The 1000 talents plan for global high-level experts, one person;
    Taishan scholars-Overseas special expert, one persons;
    The expert with outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged of Shandong  Province, two persons;
    PhD, eight persons, and so on.

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