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Marine functional food processing demonstration engineering and technology research center of Shando

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    Research contents
    Our overall goal is focus on the seafood processing field, to carry out the applied basic research, and engineering and technology innovation, to improve the capacity for independent innovation and the core competitiveness of seafood processing industry, thus promote the industrial restructuring, and industrial transferring and upgrading.
We aim at the advanced level and the core technology at home and abroad in this field to carry out the study, formulate relevant standards, and cultivate innovative talents. In this way, we can improve the theory and technology of the seafood processing industry in our province, integrate related resources in our country, combine market-research-study, provide technical services to the vocation, be the research and achievements transformation base of this field in our province step by step, and be the research and development platform of precious marine product with enterprise as the main body in Shandong Province.
    Instrument Equipment
    1.Fluorescence Inversion Microscope System
    2.Autonomous nutrient analyzer
    3.Completely automatic sterilization pot
    4.Inert gas separator
    5.Gas flush packaging machine  
    6.Enrichment facility
    7.Spray drying system 
    8.Quick-freeze equipment
    9.Small freeze drying equipment
    10.Vacuum drying equipment

    Staff Composition
    Homey group CO., LTD., Biology institute of Shandong academy of sciences.
There are 45 fixed staff and 6 migrants in the research team, in which, 16 with senior title of professional, 9 with intermediate title, 10 doctors, and 9 masters. Besides, there are 4 introduce talents and 5 develop talents. At present, the percent of staff with senior title of professional and postgraduates has been 51%, in which, 20% are under 30 years old, and 40% are between 30 and 40 years old. The team shows a young trend.

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