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The shandong province key laboratory of Marine products deep processing technology

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    As consumer demand for food safety, nutrition and health, the safety, nutrition, health problems of food have already become basic problems between enterprise survival and healthy development .Shandong province key laboratory of Marine products deep processing is helpful for the research and application of new technology of Marine products deep processing, is advantageous to the Marine functional food research and development ,is helpful for the practical application of new technology in the Marine products processing process safety testing and quality control field. The laboratory can promote science and technology into productivity quickly , guide the enterprise food production safety, establish Marine safety warning, on-line detection and tracking of integrated security technology, achieve safe food forecast, online control and traceability, improve the market competitiveness of products, guarantee our province Marine products continue to improve enterprise economic benefit,  enhance enterprise credit level, and promote the development of Marine products industry.
    Instruments and equipment

    1.high temperature short time sterilization
    2. The spray type sterilization pot
    3. The gas chromatograph
    4. Chromatography mass spectrometry instrument
    5. High performance liquid chromatograph
    6. Atomic absorption spectrometer
    7. Completely automatic sterilization pot
    8. The inert gas separator
    9. The spray drying equipment
    10 .vacuum drying equipment
    The composition
    homy group co., LTD., biology institute of shandong academy of sciences.Has an outstanding ability, reasonable structure of talent team, research and development personnel, 43, of which two enjoy the special allowance of the state council and the provincial government experts, municipal outstanding contribution expert 3 people;The doctor 5 people, master 8 people.


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