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Jinan City youth entrepreneurship food industry innovation and technology assistance platform

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    Research contents
    This is a public welfare platform to serve the development of the food industry in Jinan and it is built on the requirements of the times “encouraging people to start their own business and to make innovations”. The platform is for the young scientific and technical personnel in Jinan’s food industry with the needs of innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides the basic conditions for scientific experiments, like free advisory for food processing technology, laboratory instrument analysis, and information and documentation management, in order to improve the scientific basis of the project conception of startups, to help solving the "growing pains" of startups, and to provide technical assistance for the young people to achieve their self-worth and life desires.

    The "Science and Technology Assistance Platform for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jinan Food Industry " will be organized and coordinated by the city’s food industry association and the management center of the city’s innovation valley. The Institute of Biology is responsible for project demonstration, and selecting a group of young talents with some knowledge about food specialty and innovative ideas, who will sign a technical assistance agreement with the Institute of Biology. The Institute will provide laboratory and assign relevant experts to guide the scientific experiments of entrepreneurial project and assist to achieve the industrialization of the project as soon as possible.
    1. Fluorescence inverted microscope
    2. Nutrient salt automatic analyzer
    3. Automatic sterilizer
    4. Inert gas separator
    5. Gas filling packing machine
    6. Concentrating devices
    7. Spray drying device
    8. Quick freezing equipment
    9. Small freeze drying equipment
    10. Vacuum drying equipment
    Personnel composition
    There are totally 14 staffs, one is level II Researcher, five are Associate Researchers, nine have PhD degree, and 4 have Master degree.

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