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Microbial remediation of soil contaminated by pesticides

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    The most commonly used herbicide and fertilizer, has been used extensively and of particular concern as it has been linked to contaminated agricultural lands and human health problems. Microbial degradates has been screened and isolated as a high-effective and safe bioremediation technology to degrade atrazine and organic phosphorus, and to minimize their dispersion to nonagricultural environments. Study of effect on degradation mechanism, colonization, antagonism against pathogen and plant promotion provide critical characteristic to consider in order to obtain the multifunctional strain that contain capability of herbicide-degrading, plant growth promotion and biocontrol. On the basis of these criteria, we develop microbial bioremediation agents based on research of biology activity, fermentation characteristics and environmental compatibility of multifunctional strain, and established of microbial remediation technology systems and techniques applied in filed. In consequences, we build the whole new chain innovation to provide product and technique to support agricultural production safety.

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